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19 Jan 2018

Print or e-books?

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So many coin reference books are available. New research is being done all the time, with new titles being released each month or so.
With the advent of e-books, many coin books can be downloaded for an e-reader. But is this always practical?
There are a good number of coin books that are not in electronic form, including older editions and collector items. But if you have a choice, which is better?
E-books are convenient. Just a few clicks on the computer, and your new coin book is on your e-reader, whenever you want to read it. No carrying a heavy book home, lugging it into the bookcase, digging it out when you need it. Often, e-books are cheaper than print.
But is it always practical this way? An older generation of collectors may not be able to read some of the entries, especially mintage figures. I can't imagine tables of mintage figures on an e-reader. Some guidebooks feature lovely photos. These may be much easier, and better, viewing the old-fashioned way. Coin photos do look good on an e-reader, but enlargements, varieties, subtle errors, may be more suited for print books.
There are advantages and disadvantages to each. I have purchased coin e-books, but for details, I prefer print books.


Conan Barbarian

Level 5

ebooks you can also search for a particular word or phraise but if you want to compare 2 or more different books print is better


Level 2

Anything valuable should be in print. any ebook should be (preferably) drm-free and low-priced.


Level 3



Level 6

Print all the way. Love the feel of it in my hand! This sounds weird, maybe, but nothing quite like the smell of an old reference book. In my opinion and I could be wrong, everything electronic will die on me at some time. Thanks.


Level 6

Printed books for me.


Level 7

Printed books for me. Basically reference books. They have a picture and a story. Sometimes history and sometimes many stories. On different coins. I can't read a whole book on one coin. Reference has it all and it's always updated. Everyone has a favorite. Some I really care for. I go by the authors and there records on writing. Thanks. Mike.


Level 5

I have digital versions of the Krause World Coin catalogs mostly because of how big they are. I love that they are searchable with text. That said, in most instances I prefer the physical version. There is nothing quite like having a real book to read through.


Level 6

I vote for printed books.

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