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29 Aug 2017

Random thoughts

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Some random thoughts on a rainy day...
I wonder how many desirable coins I've spent and didn't know it?
Can't remember the last time I got a half dollar in change. I did get an Ike dollar once.
What % of coins have been slabbed? Especially Mint State coins.
Has there ever been a best-selling coin book besides the Red Book?
The day I don't check my change is most likely the day I get a silver coin.
How many sets of Statehood quarters are out there, just sitting in albums?
Wonder if Washington will be on the quarter 50 yrs from now. If coins are still in use.
Perhaps there are some really rare coins that are not recognized, maybe some dates from the "junk silver" era.
When will the next great hoard be discovered?



Level 5

It seem you are ready to start the next ANA Show Panel Discussion.


Level 3

It makes one think and to appreciate the time we have and the little things


Level 6

I like blogs like "Random Thoughts." They can make a person think and dream!


Level 6

I like those thoughts. Thanks!

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

some great miseries that are close to impossible to predict or even find out. but for some only time will tell


Level 7

Those are all sound very well thought out points. I don't k ow the answers I never thought of it that way. Yes I check change I don't know what the future will hold. I never received a silver coin in change. I wonder if the dumb adds for dumb coin gifts will ever stop. That's my thought when the mail comes. Or the dumb adds for gold plated Buffalo nickels will stop. Those two bother me. Thanks for those short but very thoughtful statements I bet you could of gone on. Thanks Mike.

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