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20 Jul 2017

Remembering Apollo 11

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Forty-eight years ago tonight, a Sunday evening, I was glued to the TV watching Neil Armstrong walk on the moon. I was inspired. I was moved. I was a teen but I still got tears. I was an avid fan of the space program and an amateur astronomer.
I was also a numismatist. That summer and for a few years after,  many medals were issued to commemorate the moon walk. Large bronze and silver medals were offered for sale in coin publications. many were attractive, showing portraits of the astronauts and a detailed rendering of the moon.
The Franklin Mint struck a mini-coin of silver that was carried to the moon on one of the Apollo flights. The obverse bore a moon map and the reverse,  a description of the medal's silver.  The Franklin Mint also issued an "America in Space" series of medals to commemorate the space program. These were beautiful, well-done and well researched.
The US Mint will strike coins to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11, two years from now. I have a feeling these will be the best and most meaningful tributes of them all.



Level 6

That was an unbelievable event for us all. From a time in US history when we could do anything. Everyone was glued to their t.v. for every rocket launch and recovery. Everyone said a prayer for safety. Sad to see where we are now, in my opinion. I just hope we get a worthy commemorative in 2 years! Thanks for the remembrance.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

it was one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind and in a few years there will be a manned mars mission


Level 5

All that excitement 48 Years ago......and the last man left the moon 44 year, 7 months and 12 days ago. How did the excitement die???


Level 7

I will never forget that wonderful part of our history. I was not collecting then I wish I was. Those medals must of been beautiful besides the history behind it.

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