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14 Dec 2017

Santa was there

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Wonderful day holiday shopping downtown! Weather was OK, decorations everywhere, shopping hectic. Delicious lunch, of course, served by my favorite waiter.
What could make the day even better? A trip to the coin shop and a long look at the windows. It was obvious that Santa was there and had dropped off many beautiful coins. First, a selection of silver dollars. These were common dates in mint state, described as a gift for the person who has everything. The top row held a group of New Orleans dollars, all pretty with good luster, nice examples. There were a few 1881-S, always stunning.
There were sets of Liberty nickels, Franklin half dollars, and a set of War nickels. I have long mentioned this set as a great gift. And there was a date set of Buffalo nickels. Two 1913 coins led off this set, one of each date until the end of the series in 1938. All were mint state or close to it. The 1931-S, a good date, was especially choice.
Many numismatic gifts to pick from. A grouping and display that Santa would love.


coin collector

Level 4

That sounds like a fun day.


Level 6

Sounds like a great holiday jont.


Level 7

Well I think Santa brings out all the nice gifts so that all the who were good can have a choice of there gifts. It also make sense that the store owner brings out the nice coins this time of year. More people are eager to buy the nicer coins for gifts. Santa is no fool! Still wish they had gift cards. Thanks. Mike

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