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17 May 2017

Simply a good coin

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When I was young and specialized in coins of the world, I especially liked British coins. I browsed through boxes of foreign coins at my favorite coin shop every chance I got. Some only cost a quarter. "Better foreign" cost forty cents. Many special coins lurked in those boxes. Coins of Victoria were often found, including a silver 1838 fourpenny piece.
When Winston Churchill died in 1965, A special crown was minted. The obverse bore the familiar portrait of Elizabeth II, the mottoes and the year 1965. The reverse was simply a portrait of Churchill and his name. The coin was struck in copper-nickel. Mintage figures were high. Everyone who wanted could own this coin. It was not made of precious metal, no "limited edition," just a nicely designed coin that many non-collectors could like.
My father served in World War II and spent some time in England. He heard of Churchill every day on the news. I knew Churchill only from history books. My father bought me a Churchill crown, and told me about him.
I haven't seen a Churchill crown in a long time, but I know they are still out there, for collectors and history buffs.


Pliny The Elder

Level 5

Never seen one before. I see a photo of one posted in a separate blog. Kinda cool.


Level 5

I can tell you from personal experience that there are a lot of those Churchill Crowns around. If I remember correctly they weren't very popular in Great Britain. They appreciated the subject matter but didn't approve of the portrait of Churchill.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

sounds like an amazing coin i will keep an eye out


Level 5

Like you said, everyone could have one. It is more historical than expecting value out of the coin


Level 7

I have seen that coin on EBay! I think it's very nice. I also like Brutish coinage. But it's a great likeness I think. A coin does not have to be complicated to be beautiful. Simple as you stated can have just as much beauty. Thank you now I'm going to go find it again. Mike

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