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23 Jul 2017

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Many coins are unfamiliar to the average person. No one has received a half dollar in change for decades.  $2 bills are rarely seen, and never mind dollar coins. Sometimes people like to see unusual money.
My favorite waiter at my favorite restaurant welcomes different coins and currency. I often tipped him with President dollars. He once told me, "I love these!" He said he especially liked the Lincoln coin. Sometimes an Anthony dollar may find its way into the mix.
When I can get $2 bills, I leave them as tips. Some people don't like $2 bills and think they are bad luck. Hey, it's legal tender.
My waiter also likes half dollars. They are seldom seen, and he enjoys receiving them.
But I guess he is not that well-versed about coins. Recently, he gave me my change, and there was a silver dime among the coins.



Level 5

I have actually received both a $2 bill and a Sacagawea dollar in change in the last few weeks. I was mildly surprised and made sure to pass them on.


Level 5

When using $2 bills, $1 coins & half dollars as tips, I think we should be a little more generous. That is because the people who we are tipping support themselves on their tips. I we give them a "neat" coin that they won't spend they are reducing their income.

I agree, when you pay with $2 bills or mini-dollars some folks say "wow", and start asking questions. Then there's others who look upon them as a plague. I once paid for something with a presidential dollar and the teller gave it back to me. He wouldn't take it and I enter up paying $1 less for the item!

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

that is how i got interested by seeing some unusual coins


Level 6

Great idea. I've done a few times. It's fun. My coin guy sells Ikes to a woman that likes to leave them as tips. Nothing special numismatics wise. Like you she has a favorite server and leaves them with her as tips. The funny part is the server then takes them to my dealer to sell. Everybody is happy! Thanks again for a thoughtful blog!


Level 7

That's a good way to spread the word. As long as the tip is in line and the service is good then what your given them they should enjoy it. I think it's a great idea. I don't get out that often but if I do I will try and remember. Thanks a lot. Mike.

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