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08 Nov 2016

A novel is born

Coins | CoinLady

Once upon a time, a young woman who enjoyed her coin hobby attended a major convention. She browsed the floor, visited friends, and encountered a real coin nerd. Our heroine wondered if this coin nerd ever had a girlfriend. That night, she was alone in her room and thought of the nerd, pondering this question. And the writer in her became inspired. What if a young lady went to a coin show and met a nerd...and he was really a football player? What happened next, and after that? She thought of a terrific opening line. The song "Wild World" was playing on the radio. Thus was born my contemporary romance novel, "Wild World." This book was a joy to work on, and was happily published as an e-book in December 2011. It's still available, by the way. And our heroine and the nerd are both still involved in coins.

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