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09 Nov 2017

Take me back

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My interest in coins dates back over fifty years. I can remember getting Mercury dimes, Buffalo nickels, Standing Liberty quarters, in change. I can also recall many lovely coins for sale that seem like such bargains now.
A downtown department store had a coin department back in 1966. I saw many junk boxes, containing worn Indian cents and Liberty nickels. There was a box with "misc stuff." A box of 1883 "no cents" Liberty nickels. And then there was the gold coin.
The 1796 quarter eagle without stars on obverse is one of those classic rarities that average collectors dream about. There was one, in a display case. It showed little wear. It was gold, and so old. I didn't realize yet that 1796 was a great year for rare coins.
That special coin was for sale, for a price tag of $6000. Quite a bit of money for 1966, but check out recent prices. What a coin that would have been, to buy and put away for decades.
Yes, if I had a time machine, I'd go back and purchase that coin. I'd work extra, overtime, knowing what I know now!


coin collector

Level 4

yes i started with a budget of about 100 dollars.


Level 5

Great story. I can remember stuff I sold when I was young and needed money for something. I wish I had most of it back because it can't be replaced for any price near what I originally paid.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

being a collector 100 years or even 50 years ago is very different than now. if you had the money you could assemble a very sizable collection for a lot less and there was very little competition.


Level 6

Wouldn't that be something to know what we know now and go back in time to "collect" all those wonderful items at a much lesser price... Coins, currency, gold, "old cars", Harley's and Indian Bikes! ( you know the one's ) haha You guys get the idea! Now that would be a fun day! : )


Level 5

I've wanted just one of those early gold coins as a type coin for sometime now but I realize now that it won't happen unless I come into a large sum of money. Yeah, I could buy the coin you are talking about in your blog back then with a credit card and gladly pay 25% interest to have it in my collection today decades later!


Level 4

oh Man just imagine !


Level 6

A time is the only I am going to realistically own some coins I would like to have. I remember the coins in Woolworth's!


Level 6

I meant to say a time machine is the only way......Thanks


Level 6

I know my eyes were big when I visited the coin shop in the department store when I was younger.


Level 7

I think we all wish we could go back in time. Our collections would be somewhat different than today. That was alot of money back then. If you had it you would own it just like the rest of it. Yes a time machine would be the answer. Thanks. Food for thought.

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