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25 Nov 2017

Thoughts upon a proof set

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United States proof sets are beautiful and well-made. They represent the finest modern coinage art. Strong strikes, showing all details, with shimmering mirror-like fields and frosted devices, a proof set shows off coins at their best.
Consider a proof set for a meaningful gift. A special year could be chosen, a birth year, an anniversary, retirement, or another milestone.
There are many different types of sets to choose from. There are silver sets, Prestige sets, sets with commemoratives. A 2009 Lincoln set would be ideal for the history buff.
And if there is a collector on your gift list, an older set may be given. Sets containing a Franklin half dollar, or a 90% silver Kennedy half, are readily available and not too expensive.
Modern proof sets are lovely and collectible, something to put away and keep. A proof set makes a wonderful holiday gift.



Level 4

Great timing for the holidays

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

i am almost complete my proof set collection of the pre-states clad coinage (1965-1998) i am only missing a couple and i just find the coins very beautiful. as you said one of the finest strikes of modern coinage


Level 6

Good idea. A meaningful and thought gift for the recipient! Thanks!


Level 6

Very good idea!


Level 6

Yes, a great gift idea!


Level 7

Your absolutely right. If I knew a collector that would be a thoughtful gift. I also believe that a coin collector would enjoy anything with a special date that meant something to him or her. Thanks for the thought. I'm sure there will be many gifts at the holiday season. Thanks. Mike

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