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03 Jan 2017

Topics for topical collecting

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Specialists in coins of the world have so many ways to collect. One of the most popular is topical collecting. Looking for coins depicting animals, flowers, kings and queens, ships, have always been favorites. So many designs, and so many topics...use a little creativity and come up with a really different collection.
How about looking for coins with different languages? Common languages such as English, Spanish, French, Arabic. How about Armenian, Lithuanian, Hindi, Icelandic? Searching for coins with different languages can keep you hunting. Look through "junk boxes" and accumulations of foreign coins. I once saw an exhibit showing fifty different foreign coins, with fifty different languages. Such a collection can be educational, too.
Coats-of-arms appear on many coins. See how many you can find. Australia's coat-of-arms depicts a kangaroo, of course. Bahamas' coat-of-arms shows a flamingo. See what other countries have this motif, and what the details tell you about the countries.
Animals on coins? Specify. Find coins with birds, reptiles, turtles, whatever strikes your fancy.
Some coins depict maps, such as the Euro coins showing a map of Europe. A famous Danish crown has a map of Greenland. There are many more!
Coins struck in different metals and alloys can make a good collection. From silver, bronze, nickel, to stainless steel, brass, aluminum, and some unusual alloys, all in different colors too.
Have fun with your foreign coin collection. Be creative. Think of other topics.



Level 5

Excellent input. It goes to show there are just so many ways in this hobby to collect.


Level 6

That, language, is an idea of specialization that I hadn't thought of. Very creative. Computer translations could be helpful. Sometimes they are pretty creative. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

an easy way to build a world coin collection is to buy a lot on ebay. they are sold by the pounds and usually include a huge variety. i am not too interested in world coins at this point in time but i may find an interest.


Level 7

The coins I collect are the ones that catch my eye. Only because I'm the one who has to look at them. I do have a few with animals but I translated Caesar Cicero and that was hard enough for me. To try and translate coins some not in great shape would make in less enjoyable owning a coin. Now that's just me I didn't say it was a bad idea. There are many collectors who speak many languages. If I don't know what it says I try to look it up. Like you said there are many ways of collecting coins. Language would be one. Thank you for your ideas. Mike


Level 5

You can build a diverse world coin collection without spending a lot of money. The possibilities are endless in regards to different ways to assemble a collection. My personal way is, "whatever grabs my attention". I know this is the recommended path but it works for me.

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