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26 Jun 2017

What next?

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I have a birthday coming up. Time to take inventory and assess, especially where my writing career is going.
Many coin publications are out there, print and online, articles, books. But there is a need for more. As more research is done and discoveries are made, as the market changes, there will be a demand for new books.
Collectors, are there any books you would like to see on coins, collecting, collectors? What series haven't been covered? First that comes to mind is the Roosevelt dime, but there must be others. And articles? Nice little collecting articles, big research articles of many pages. Anything you'd like to see covered in detail? Something common but with an uncommon twist, or something brand new?
My list of topics is growing. I want to know what collectors want.


Pliny The Elder

Level 5

Happy Birthday when it comes. Fiction, that is what I want to see written. A fictional story involving the presidents coming to life on a handful of change, working together to save the world from terror and fascism. Might make a better comic book. :)


Level 4

No doubt more could be researched and written about some of the oldest existing mints. Some of which have hundreds of years of forgotten history.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

happy soon birthday and what a birthday to have on July 4th itself!!!

Happy birthday! I don't have an idea for a new book right now.


Level 5

Happy Birthday!!! I think a book on FDR dimes is needed. I recently hear that FDR dimes are "the Rodney Dangerfield" of coins. "They can't get no respect!!"


Level 6

Thanks for feedback & birthday wishes. Yes, 39 again! LOL! The actual day is July 4.


Level 6

Happy early birthday. I would like to see some research on Peace Dollars. Specifically VAMs. Good luck and thanks for asking.


Level 6

Roosevelt Dimes would be good. Maybe, a reference guide would spark an interest in the series.


Level 7

First a very happy Birthday. I will bring the cake! There is a series that has caught on here in the states. Conder Tokens. There are a bunch that collect them here. There beautiful and I think some of the designers your looking at art. To a point were people didn't use them they were so beautiful they put them away. There are so many uncirculated you won't believe it. And yes there are never discovers everyday. I don't think the Peace Dollars get there due. A nice write up on them there so underrated. I think some articles on coinage we all collect instead of all the articles on all the rare expensive coins. Some yn's get disappointed when they see the prices. Mike. It's nice to be 39 again.

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