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18 Jan 2017

Wonderful coin gifts

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As one gets older, one reminisces. Reading so many posts about unusual coins, I've been thinking of some wonderful gifts of coin I received when I was young. When I graduated from grammar school, my uncle had mentioned he saved "a bunch of coins" from his service in World War II. He was in the South Pacific. Was I surprised when he handed me a small box with the coins! Among the goodies in the box were coins of: Fiji in 2 different metals, Australia in silver, Japan, Philippines, and a silver 5 Mark from Germany. I don't know how a German coin got there, but it was, in nice condition.
A favorite cousin married in 1970 and went to England on his honeymoon. This was when the change to decimal coinage was getting underway. He and his wife saved their small change in an envelope and gave it to me when they came home. While other family members got knick-knacks, tea cups, I got a group of English coins including old halfpennies and pennies, a florin dated 1929 (silver!) and a brand new 50 Pence. I got the best gift!
My aunt had a few silver dollars in her jewelry box. One was a 1934-S Peace dollar with luster. When I graduated from high school, she enclosed it in her card.
I was enamored of 1948 Franklin half dollars when I was young. My father got a small accumulation of these, probably from local coin shops, and gave them to me. There were 1948-P and D, and quite a few were circulated. I said, I liked those, because they did the job they were created to do.
This is how collections are built, and how collectors are encouraged.



Level 5

My grandparents had a tremendous collection of thousands of coins. Then one day my sister stole the collection and spent them for face value. What a waste.


Level 5

Thank you for sharing. I still remember all the numismatic gifts I received in my younger years. Great memories.


Level 6

Great story. I remember the MOrgan Dollars from my grandpas. Thanks for sharing a personal tale with us!

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

its nice that family members love to support us in our hobby even if they are not into it as much as we are


Level 5

Nice story. It brings back memories.

Bravo! When you give someone young nice coins, you are investing in a future collector. I had an uncle do it for me and I recently bought the child of a friend a NGC storage box. Every birthday and Christmas I purchase a slabbed coin or two for her budding collection. So far she has a few silver bullion coins and a couple silver dollars.


Level 7

It's so nice to here relatives give coins as gifts. Not here there isn't not a coin shop in my zip code and of course my family wouldn't know what to buy. Maybe there are coin shops that have gift cards that would be great. No matter were you lived your family could by a gift card. Thanks for the blog. Sometimes it's so much better reading a nice story than everything technical. Thanks.

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