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25 Dec 2016

Wonderful gift

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I recently completed my eighth novel. The heroine, Kerry, is a successful author who cannot move on after the sudden death of her husband. The hero, Shaun, is a backup quarterback who cannot get a break. The two meet on a TV show and fall in love. As the story ends, Shaun is about to be traded to another team, and Kerry is preparing a trip to Little Big Horn for research; she is writing a biography of Two Moons, one of the men who modeled for the Buffalo nickel. As a parting gift, Shaun gives her a pin made of 3 Buffalo nickels.
Soon after I began work on this manuscript, I was shopping downtown. I stopped at Harlan J. Berk's store and found this pin. This pin is exactly like I pictured the one Shaun gave Kerry. I had to buy it!
This pin is kept on my desk where I can always see it. The manuscript is finished and is now in the hands of a publisher. I am awaiting word.



Level 5

That is so cool. I wish I had the ability too. Keep up the great work.


Level 7

Lots of luck with that. I have read some of your articles before and enjoyed them. I'm sure you will get a good decision.


Level 6

Outstanding. Good luck with the manuscript!

Pliny The Elder

Level 5

Great blog. Good luck, I hope your manuscript gets picked up.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

What is the name you write under I might be interested in reading some of your novels Thanks for sharing


Level 6

Ginger Rapsus. I write for Numismatic News & I've written a coin book too, US Clad Coinage. It's long out of print. Thanks for your interest!

Wow, that's impressive you've written eight novels and you found a pin like the one you imagined! Let us know when your publisher begins printing. What are the names of your novels?


Level 6

"Wild World" is the story of a woman who inherits a rare coin. "Concord" is a Little Women spin-off. My latest is "I will always think about you." Not sure if the publisher wants it. Waiting to hear! Thanks for your interest!

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