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24 Dec 2020

A Christmas Present Post for All My ANA Friends

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Late in 1983, working as a defense contractor, my wife and I moved to a small town near Munich in southern West Germany. In the heart of Europe, this was a perfect place from which to visit many other nearby European countries. Austria, France, Monaco, Italy, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland were all within a day's driving distance. The United Kingdom was quite another story. In that instance, a Lufthansa to British Airways connection from Munich to London Heathrow fit the bill nicely.

My wife and I took several road trips throughout Europe during my one-year assignment in Germany. Because my wife has distant relatives living in the United Kingdom, we took a long weekend near Birmingham, England, to visit them.

As was my custom in the United States Navy, every country I visited in Europe, I made it a point to collect that country's circulating coins. This was a fun way to collect a wide variety of circulating European coins at a low cost.

At a small shop in London-Heathrow Airport, I bought a 1984 United Kingdom proof set for my European coin collection. This eight-coin set has proof examples of every circulating coin from the half-penny to the one pound coin. The set comes encased in plastic with a folding cardboard cover over both sides that opens to form a triangular stand. This allows you to proudly display this proof set on a desktop or shelf.

You will notice black fibers from the coin mount on all the coins in this set. All of the cupro-nickel coins display various levels of toning. Interestingly, the bronze coins do not. The following is a brief description copied from the COA of each of the coins in this set.

One Pound: The Scottish one pound, the first of four new reverse designs for the one pound coin, shows a thistle eradicated enfiling a representation of the royal diadem. The milled edge has a Latin inscription which reads "Nemo Me Impune Lacessit" (No-one provokes me with impunity). Struck in nickel brass, measures 22.50mm diameter and weighs 9.5g.

50 Pence: The first coin of any country to have this seven-sided shape. The design shows the seated figure of Britannia, originally a symbol of Roman Britain, who has appeared on UK coinage for over 300 years. Struck in cupro-nickel, it measures 30mm and weighs 13.5g.

20 Pence: A new denomination first issued in 1982, this cupro-nickel coin features the Badge of England, the royally crowned double rose. Measures 21.4mm and weighs 5g.

10 Pence: Shows part of the Crest of England, a lion passant guardant royally crowned. Struck in cupro-nickel, it measures 28.5mm and weighs 11.31g.

5 Pence: Depicts the Badge of Scotland, which is a thistle royally crowned. Struck in cupro-nickel it measures 23.59mm and weighs 5.65g.

2 Pence: Features the Badge of the Prince of Wales with the motto "Ich Dien" (I Serve). Struck in bronze, it measures 25.91mm and weighs 7.12g.

1 Penny: Shows a portcullis with chains, royally crowned, which is an adaptation of the Badge of Henry VII. Struck in bronze, it measures 20.32mm and weighs 3.56g.

½ Penny: Shows the Royal Crown. Struck in bronze, it measures 17.14mm and weighs 1.78g.

The common obverse design shows the famed portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II created by Arnold Machin, and has appeared on nearly all UK coins since 1968. Up to a maximum of only 125,000 United Kingdom proof coin base metal collections dated 1984 have been authorised for world-wide distribution.

Finally, I hope you have enjoyed this Christmas present post for all my ANA member friends. Merry Christmas, everyone! Gary.



Level 4

Nice proof set.


Level 5

I resemble all of the above remarks Gary! What was the small town you were at near Munich? I spent a couple of years at Augsburg and went to my first concert ever at the Olympia Stadt to see Brian Adams and Tina Turner on her "Tiny Dancer" tour! Great looking set of coins you have there! Thanks for the blog and Merry Xmas to you also!

Nice coins great gifts.


Level 5

Neat story. Way to enjoy the hobby!!! Belated Merry Christmas.


Level 5

Merry Christmas to you too, and nice coins!


Level 5

Merry Christmas Gary and thanks for sharing.

Long Beard

Level 5

Every now and again you blog about some truly beautiful world coinage. This being no exception. While I have yet to travel abroad, other than Canada and just south of the U.S. border, plans have begun to do so upon an early retirement at 62 in eight short years. Since I have ridden a motorcycle across this great country twice in my lifetime, Europe is a must before I'm too decrepit to do so. Being that your blogs are so interesting, there are many which I will most certainly seek out along my journey, beginning in Ireland, the ferry to the UK at Isle of Man then the tunnel into France. Yes, I have the route planned with no set time limit at each. So thank you for adding more to my list!


Level 5

Wonderful set! Thanks for sharing with us! Merry Christmas.


Level 6

Its a beautiful set! I especially love the toning. Thank you for your service and always your great blogs! Merry Christmas ; )


Level 6

Thanks for your service Gary. Beautiful set. Great toning. Oh course, your photos are fantastic. I'm with Stumpy, show us more. Merry Christmas.


Level 5

Nice set!

It's Mokie

Level 6

A beautiful set, Gary. Thanks for sharing and a Very Merry Christmas to You and Yours.


Level 5

Great story and a great set of coins. Have a great Christmas and Holiday. Happy New Year to everyone !


Level 7

You job took you to some wonderful p!aces. And that means wondering like the set you wrote about. There great design is terrific thanks for.sharing these with us.


Level 5

That is one sweet set. Anytime you want to post on coins you picked up while there, I'm willing and eager to read about them and see them. They stopped putting "New Pence" or "New Penny" on the coins in 1982. You are so right about the toning, my cupro-nickel coins all toned, while the brass ones did not. I wonder why? I would love to have a set such as this. Great Coins, great set, thank you. Merry Christmas!

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Thank you for your service and for sharing this beautiful collection!

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