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08 Apr 2018

Breast Cancer Awareness

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The recent US Mint release of the 2018 Breast Cancer Awareness Commemorative coins have been of a special significance to my wife and I. Some 50 years ago when my wife was only 7 she lost her mother to breast cancer. This has had a lasting negative effect on my wife's life. Knowing that there can be a genetic effect on my wife and that of my daughter, my wife gets an annual check-up to make sure everything is all right. The good news is so far, so good. My daughter is still young but she will have to be mindful of this also as she gets older.

Thus, it has always been my intention to buy the gold breast cancer awareness coin. On the first day of sale I placed an order with the mint to purchase the coin pictured in this blog. I am also happy that the proceeds from the sale of these coins will go towards research to find a cure for this devastating disease.

Later I'll probably buy the uncirculated half dollar and dollar to go along with the proof half eagle. The only thing I was surprised about is that the pink hue on the half eagle is not as pink as the pictures I saw had led me to believe. Oh well :)



Level 6

It certainly is a mixed blessing to have this terrible disease in your family history. To know it could appear at any time must be terrible. Better to know for sure. Thanks for sharing. A great coin for a great cause. Thanks..


Level 6

Thanks for sharing your personal story. My Aunt is a breast cancer survivor, so it seems we have all been touched one way or another. CoinLady is right about the color. It's more of a pink rose tone, rather than a bright pink. Beautiful commemorative.


Level 6

Thank you for this blog & telling of these wonderful coins. Pink gold is not the bright pink like you see on ribbons. Pink gold is more like a rose gold, and is popular for wedding rings.


Level 5

It is a nice cause. My wife is a cancer survivor for more than 20 years.


Level 5

Thanks for sharing your story. This is the first non-mint photo I have seen. Your right, it doesn't appear very pink.


Level 7

Gary I'm not going to read this blog. The coin says everything. I known what happened to your wifes mom. It's a great coin I know money from the sale will help do away with this killer. Our friends daughter nine years old is suffering from this terrible disease. Thanks my friend. Some day that coin won't have to be made. Mike.

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