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31 Aug 2020

Fond Memories

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Mokie's post entitled, "A New Challenge" reminds me of the many fond memories I have of serving in the United States Navy. His new collection based on the coinage of The Straits Settlement reminds me of Singapore and my visit there. According to Mokie's map, Singapore was once a part of The Straits Settlement. He is also quite correct about the large number of ships that pass in between the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean through the Strait of Malacca. Furthermore, a large percentage of those ships stop in Singapore because of its duty-free status.

One of those ships passing into the Indian Ocean and making a port of call in Singapore was the US Navy ship I was serving aboard. Now I had two personal routines I used to perform at every port I had visited. The first was to mail a postcard home from that country's post office. Today, I still have those postcards my mom saved for me. The next routine was to collect the circulating coins of each country I visited.

Now the first place most of my shipmates visited as soon as we tied up to the pier was the nearest watering hole to consume adult beverages. Not me! The first place I tried to locate was the local coin shop. Not every place I visited had a local coin store, but I found a nice one at a shopping mall in Singapore.

On April 18, 1981, at the Jade Coin Shop in Singapore, I bought a 1980 Singapore proof set for $140 Singapore dollars. Pictured with this post is the encased 1980 proof-set I bought housed in a wooden box with the COA and my sales receipt. Now $140 might seem like a steep price for this set, but given the US dollar to Singapore dollar exchange rate, it was a pretty good deal.

Another of my customs was to try out the local fare wherever I went. It is in Singapore I had the best chicken curry I have ever tasted. I searched the world over for that taste, but unfortunately, nothing comes close. Same with sweet and sour chicken in Hong Kong and egg rolls (lumpia) in the Philippines.

For every place I have ever visited, the circulated coins I have collected are mounted in albums. Occasionally, I thumb through them and recall the fond memories that go along with each coin. Gary.



Level 5

Thank you for the service! And what gorgeous coins too. Nice work. Cheers, NumisMaster


Level 4

What a nice walk down memory lane. It sounds like you enjoyed that part of your service quite fondly.


Level 5

Nice looking set. Enjoyed your blog


Level 5

Great set of coins Gary! They're beautiful and the receipt makes the set complete for sure! Thank you for your service too. I also had the opportunity of serving "close" to Jacksonville, Florida where I met several naval personnel! We jokingly called them "squids", but we got along fine. We were all serving in the same military! I've also served in Belgium where I worked with naval personnel also! Thanks again for your service!


Level 5

Yep, I remember being called a squid once or twice! We called Marines jarheads and submariners bubbleheads! Ooh, BTW, the submariners called us surface guys skimmers. Now I don't recall running into too many Army, Air Force, or Coast Gaurd personnel. At any rate, all in good fun and competition between the main branches of the US armed forces. Furthermore, I would be amiss if I didn't thank you for your service also!


Level 6

Thanks Gary, for your service. Beautiful coins. Great way to recall you memories. I love the receipt. Thanks.


Level 6

That is a stunning set Gary, and you even kept the receipt. Thanks for sharing your experiences and your proof set. I wonder if the Jade Coin Shop is still there. I hope so.


Level 5

Great experiences ! Awesome that you got to experience all those things and collect coins. Beautiful coin set !

Thank you for your service! Those are lovely coins. I'm glad you have some fond memories of you time in the armed forces.


Level 5

Wowser! These are sweet. My girlfriend at the time, (now my wife) and I deliberately avoided other Americans when we traveled. We were going to Churches and buildings that were hundreds of years old, touring every battlefield in Europe and England and most of the others were either drinking or engaging in other activities. I was not smart enough to purchase mint sets, we just collected circulated coins and Dollars. Thanks for the beautiful coins and the story behind them. That just adds to the coins value.


Level 5

I like it and you still have the receipt. I'm not nearly that organized. Were all of those versions of there circulated coinage or were they more commemoratives?


Level 5

Except for the ten-dollar coin they all represented Singapore's circulating coinage.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Oh wow! What a great way to collect coins while serving your country! Thanks for your service. I enjoyed seeing your coins too


Level 7

Gary thanks for your service to our country. I'm glad you can to the coin who'll because you have a beautiful set there. GreenhoUse history and your story it as great. I like the way you packaged them. The bill of sale and the C.O.A. It adds to it. Thanks again for your service. And what I g those wonderful coins. Great set.

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