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07 Oct 2019

My First Podcast Interview

World's Fair of Money | coinsbygary

As a result of my Money Talks presentation at the Words Fair of Money I came into contact with Coin World writer Chris Bulfinch. Chris wanted to talk with me about an article he was working on concerning Laura Gardin Fraser. At the end of that conversation he asked me if I would be willing to do a podcast interview with him of which I was only too happy to do.

Last week that interview was posted on Coin World's website as episode 027. After listening to the interview I think it went pretty well. The first 19 minutes of the podcast was dedicated to a conversation between the hosts of the podcast Chris Bulfinch and Jeff Starck. My interview then occupied the rest of the podcast which was almost 43 minutes in length.

Finally I want to thank the ANA for putting me in touch with Chris who was unable to attend my Money Talks presentation but followed up to contact me through the ANA. This was a lot of fun for me and I am amazed by the people I have worked with and come into contact with over the years through my Laura Gardin Fraser collection. It is truly a privilege and a blessing to be involved with so many of the fine people associated with this hobby!

The following is a link to my podcast: https://www.coinworld.com/coinworld-podcast



Level 6

Nice podcast. Way to go.


Level 4

Ah yes, coinworld podcasts. I remember listening to the one about the 1982 cents. I believed that the 1982 small date cents were really rare from listening to that podcast!


Level 6

Fantastic Gary. You definitely are the expert on her. I am listening to you now.. Great job. Your research is paying off even more. Thanks for sharing.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Wow Gary, I can't wait to have a listen. Good things come to those who research!!!!


Level 7

You deserve everything that's going on. Your knowledge on L.G.F and other coins and medals speak for themselves. Congratulations my friend.

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