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16 Jun 2022

Speaking of the Queen and Her Coins

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I was encouraged to see Mike publish his newest post, “The Queen and Her Coins.” Amazingly, Queen Elizabeth II is still alive today, let alone sitting on the throne. While Mike has some of Elizabeth’s more modern coins, I have two of her first coins.

Queen Elizabeth II was born on April 21, 1926, making her 96 years old. Her coronation took place on June 2, 1953. Beginning in 1953, and every year after that, her image has appeared on various coins throughout the British Kingdom.

My two 1953 dated New Zealand Pennys are two of many coins bearing Queen Elizabeth’s image during her first year of reign. The one is an MS-65 red/brown penny, and the other is a PF-65 red/brown penny. These 31mm bronze pennies weigh 9.6 grams. The mintage of the MS penny is 2.4 million, and the proof has a mintage of 7000.

The obverse features a right-facing laureate bust of Queen Elizabeth II without a shoulder strap designed by Mary Gillick. The reverse features a tui bird native to New Zealand perched on a kowhai tree branch designed by L.C. Mitchell.

When I think of the reign of Queen Elizabeth, I think of her as queen 5 years before I was born in 1958. Elizabeth was 14 years old during the WWII Battle of Britain. As such, she certainly would have had to seek the protection of an air raid shelter on many occasions. Queen Elizabeth II has witnessed much in her lifetime, surviving many family scandals. Altogether though, she has been a faithful steward of the British monarchy preserving it for the next king, heir apparent Charles, Prince of Wales, the next monarch to grace British Kingdom coinage. Gary.



Level 6

Really great blog! The Queen is amazing indeed! Beautiful coins...Love the toning! ; )


Level 6

Great blog Gary, again. I love the toning and luster on those coins. Love the New Zealand coinage. Thanks.

Long Beard

Level 5

Great addition to our members topic. I've had my eye on the New Zealand Sixpence dated 1953 for the same reasoning you mentioned. However, after looking at the reverse of the Penny I may have to add that one as well. Both are stunning designs.

AC coin$

Level 6

Beautiful coin .


Level 5

$11, man! Maybe I should get some!


Level 4

Beautiful coins and good blog.Thanks.


Level 7

Those are great coins . Now I have to go find one! Excellent blog. I can't believe the grades. There in such great shape. Thanks for the great blog. Love the information. I will be writing better when I'm well. Thanks.for sharing your two beauties!. Good to see you up there!!I went searching and didn't find one. I will! Thanks again.


Level 5

Good news Mike! I purchased these coins in 2008 on e-bay. I only paid $11 for the pair. I had them graded on my own for inclusion in a couple of my NGC registry sets. I checked and found that as of today, they are worth roughly the same. That is if you can find them.

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