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26 Feb 2021

Numismatics and Social Media

Collecting Tips | coinsbygary

I wrote the following on 2/3/21 in response to a collector who lives a fair distance from his nearest coin shop. In his blog, he talks about social media and its effect on the coin market. The author of the blog wrote it in response to an article by Jeff Garrett. The link to Jeff's article and the blog are posted below. In my edited answers to him below, I will make references to some of you. Please know that I am not talking directly to you. But I am referring to my perceived knowledge of you in this response to him. I am also posting a proof version of a French coin commemorating medical research that I wrote about in a previous blog. All I can say about that is stunning!

31 Aug 2020

Fond Memories

Coins - World | coinsbygary

Mokie's post entitled, "A New Challenge" reminds me of the many fond memories I have of serving in the United States Navy. His new collection based on the coinage of The Straits Settlement reminds me of Singapore and my visit there. According to Mokie's map, Singapore was once a part of The Straits Settlement. He is also quite correct about the large number of ships that pass in between the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean through the Strait of Malacca. Furthermore, a large percentage of those ships stop in Singapore because of its duty-free status.

09 May 2020

Coin Photography – The Trouble with Proofs

Coins | coinsbygary

In a spoof on the Star Trek episode, "The Trouble with Tribbles" I'm posting the next blog in my series on coin photography, "The Trouble with Proofs." Proof coins because of their highly reflective surfaces present somewhat of a problem in photography, throw in a domed proof coin and you practically have photography mayhem!

08 Apr 2018

Breast Cancer Awareness

Coins-United States | coinsbygary

The recent US Mint release of the 2018 Breast Cancer Awareness Commemorative coins have been of a special significance to my wife and I. Some 50 years ago when my wife was only 7 she lost her mother to breast cancer. This has had a lasting negative effect on my wife's life. Knowing that there can be a genetic effect on my wife and that of my daughter, my wife gets an annual check-up to make sure everything is all right. The good news is so far, so good. My daughter is still young but she will have to be mindful of this also as she gets older.

23 Jul 2015

A Couple of Freebies

Coins | coinsbygary

With all my recent coin purchases, I had racked up quite a few E-Bay Bucks. Thus, I was able to upgrade two coins in my 7070 type set based solely on E-Bay Bucks. With the remaining balance I bought a Conder Token for my seated-imagery custom set at a 32% discount.

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