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16 Nov 2020

My birthday blog

Young Numismatists Exchange | Coinyoshi

Today is my birthday, and I would like to share with you a very short coin blog about commemorative coins, since most of them are birthdays, like Bicentennials and Centennials!Commemorative coins are unique and only produced in a certain amount, and they could commemorate different events like World War 2 or an Olympic games. They all have different face values, from a half dollar to 5 dollars. There are earlier ones and there are later ones, like the 200th year anniversary of the first English colony in the Americas, or the 1974 Olympics. That is some of the facts about commemoratives. That will be it, and keep exploring! my next 450 words blog is coming soon, so watch for it!Good bye!



Level 4

Happy Birthday.


Level 6

Happy Birthday! Classic Commemoratives for me! ; )


Level 5

Happy Birthday! Hope you live to be older than I am now. lol. I also love commemoratives, like many, I prefer the older ones more than the more recent, although I do have some of the newer ones as well. So I guess I just like commemoratives. Later and Happy Birthday again!

Happy birthday Coinyoshi!


Level 5

Happy birthday. Wish many numismatic ones in the future


Level 6

Happy Birthday! I hope there were a couple of commemoratives in your birthday stocking. (:

the coin guy

Level 4

Happy birthday!


Level 5

Ditto to centcearcher! Happy anniversary of birth! Cheers, NM


Level 5

Happy Birthday ! I do like the older commemoratives, but the modern ones do have some appeal. I did just buy a Stone Mountain ! Happy Birthday and keep collecting !


Level 6

Happy Birthday Yoshi. Why 450 words? I like the early commemoratives, mostly. I do favor a few modern ones like the Mark Twain. Thanks.


Level 3

I like 450 words because it is easy to reach yet provides sufficient information


Level 5

Happy anniversary of birth!

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Happy birthday, I agree with Mike, I like the classic commemoratives!


Level 7

Happy Birtthday. Many more. I like the old commens. There my favorite. From 1918 on up to the 30's and 40's. Not a big fan of the modern ones. I think there boring. Thanks.

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