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15 Mar 2015

Ex Yugoslavia paper money

Paper Money-World | Daniel

I really like collecting paper money, especially from East Europe, so I have collection of paper money from Ex Yugoslavia, I think you would like it, because it's different.

If you look carefully, you will see the socialist motives, like big boat, miner, or farmer. That's because Yugoslavia was under comunism for 46 years (counting from WW2).

P.S. All another sides have same design, just color and number varies.



Level 6

Nice examples of world currency! Thanks for the blog!


Level 4


Dollar Guy

Level 5

I like the colorful aspects of the paper money from other nations but for me the real problem is the lack of consistency of size, I have twenty or so specimens some dating back as far 1944 from my father's stuff from WWII and noting seems to match up. Maybe I should take it the other way Wow! look at all the diversity of sizes isn't that neat?


Level 6

Cool. All have typical communist art work!


Level 5

Man, those are cool.


Level 4

Nice pieces of Communist history! Its interesting how they put this kind of stuff on here instead leaders.


Level 3

Yes, it's interesting. I have some notes with leaders and I'll make one post about that.



Level 4

The is some great paper money and part of history.


Level 5

Cool! I have some world paper money. You can see it in a collection that I made.

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