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12 Sep 2014

ANA Club and District Representatives

Club Exchange | Doc Bob Jones III

With the new site up and running. 
I would like to see more Representatives for each state.
I do not work for the ANA but I do everything I can to pass on what the ANA can do for Coin Collectors.
The benefits that are available are incredible.  The Library that is available.  Seminars are unbeatable.
I could go on and on. 
If you are interested on passing on the benefits to others and keeping our hobby continue in the future, we need to educate people.
Contact Tiffanie at the ANA she can sure use our help in both local clubs and district reps.  Many states do not have any one listed for the state.

I would also like to hear from other representative on ideas they are using.
I currently set up displays in local libraries during National Coin Week, I make it a whole month display not only during April but other months also.  Many people love looking at the display and the Library is glad to have displays and draw people in.



Level 6

Those are all great ideas! More coin clubs!


Level 5

Libraries - thanks for the idea!


Level 4


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