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08 Nov 2014

Advocating New US Numismatic Series That Was Previously Struck By The US Mint

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I'm in the process of writing an article on the subject. Below is a brief description about the POTUS Appreciation Medals.

ThePresident of the United States of America (POTUS) Appreciation Medalsis a newly identifiedcategory of medal collecting in the field of US numismatics. What makes these medals standout in US numismatics are the following characteristics:

  1. The medal has POTUS provenance. To be more specific, the medal was presented by the POTUS to an individual as a expression of his appreciation and the medal isareminder keepsake of this appreciation.
  2. The medal was specifically designed for exclusive use by thePOTUS.
  3. The medal was designed and struck by the United States Mint.
  4. The medal's design elements identifies the POTUS (portrait, name, initials, facsimile signature, and/or POTUS seal).
  5. The medal's design element includes the text "with appreciation" or "with personal and official gratitude".
  6. Individuals could not purchase the medal from the United States Mint, one had to be presented by the POTUS.
  7. There were limited mintage of the POTUS appreciation medals. All mintage are known.
  8. Prior toand/or end of POTUS term, all remaining appreciation medals wereturned in to the Treasury department for destruction. The appreciation medal type and number destroyed are known.

Currently, there are only 19 identified POTUS appreciation medals. These medals are identified in the reference booksbelow:

  • The Dwight D. Eisenhower Appreciation Medals, by Darryl A. Gomez (published in 2014).In this book a total of 17 medals are identified.
  • Medallic Portraits of John F. Kennedy, by Edward Rochette (published in 1966) .In this book a total of 2medals are identified.



Level 5

Great job with this subject. The appreciation you have for the subject is quite evident.


Level 5

Very cool set! Great job too!


Level 4

How many of these medals have you got in your collection Doc? Show us the rest please. we'd appreciate it.


Level 5

Very interesting post. Looking forward to picking up your book on the Eisenhower Appreciation Medals


Level 5

The Kennedy appreciation medal was designed by Frank Gasparro. I have a theory that the reverse was used as the model for the Kennedy half-dollar (not the Kennedy medal in the US Mint Presidential series) .If you look carefully, the initials FG on this medal's reverse is in a similar location as in the Kennedy half-dollar. Also, All the design elements within the 50 star border are replicated on the half-dollar.


Level 5

FYI - One of my previous blog entries discusses the President Eisenhower Appreciation Medals

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