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25 Mar 2020

Department of the Interior Commendable Service Award: First Convocation Issue

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Sharing my research find on the Department of the Interior Commendable Service Award.
1. First convocation of the Commendable Service Award (bronze) was April 28, 1948. (It will be 72 years this April since the first convocation.)
2. First convocation issue was 92 bronze medals. (The number of medals (gold, silver, and bronze) of the first convocation are now known.)
3. Recipients of the bronze medal confirmed on the medal and documentation.
It was fun unfolding the history of this medal in my collection.



Level 6

I love this Medal! I have one but it doesn't have anybody's on it.


Level 5

Wow - you do find the off the beaten path items of historical value.

Awesome medal you have their!

It's Mokie

Level 6

It would be interesting to try and find Mr. Hamman's family and perhaps reunite them with his medal. I would feel odd having someone elses medal unless I knew that it was let placed on the market knowingly and willingly.


Level 5

Awesome medal for a collection. Never really got into collecting medals, but will definately take a look at medals when I see them. Only 92 pieces and you have one ! Thanks for the post, very interesting.

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