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12 Oct 2021

FDOI1964 Kennedy Half Dollars From Two Different US Mint Facilities

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I created a unique 1964 First Day of Issue (FDOI) pair of Kennedy half dollars, one each from the Philadelphia Mint and Denver Mint.

  1. 1964-P Kennedy half dollar that was gifted by President Lyndon B. Johnson with accompanying White House letter with the FDOI date of March 24, 1964.
  2. 1964-D Kennedy half dollar from an original Federal Reserve Bank bag (or "Discovery Bag") dated March 19, 1964 — five days before the coins' official release date. Graded/encapsulated by NGC as MS 65.



Level 6

Great history! ; )


Level 4

Neat pieces, if I may ask how did you come about the letter with half dollar attached?


Level 5

The letter was purchased at auction. I've seen several of these gift sets before. Search "Unsung first day issues", this should intrigue you


Level 5

Cool numismatic history.


Level 5

Very nice coins and documentation. Thanks for showing us. Like seeing material like this.

Long Beard

Level 5

Very nice presentation of a hugely popular coin. I'm still searching for the 2014 w gold at a reasonable price. Not easy.


Level 4

Me too, should have bought it when I bought the four set in silver.

AC coin$

Level 6

Interstiong lnformation nice coin MS 68 .


Level 5

Wonderful coins!


Level 7

That one was from the bag R.Tomaska and the head on N.G.C. opened . I watched it. He didn't get the quality he thought he would get I think there was one MS 68. The rest were basically 65 and 64. I believe Johnson's autograph is worth more than the half.!. I do believe Bennett passed in 2003.

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