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04 Sep 2015

Kingdom of Hawaii - King Kalakaua Coronation Medal

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This specimen is in my Hawaiiana collection.

King Kalakaua was elected King in 1882 with a very informal swearing-in ceremony.

In 1883, his world-class coronation took months to plan and prepare for.

I'm researching this medal.

If you have information beyond the Medcalf & Russell book, Hawaiian Money Second Edition, I would greatly appreciate it.

I'm looking for the manufacturer, designer, and mintage.



Level 7

I'm sorry I don't have the book it's a beauty. Enjoy it. Mike.


Level 6

I've never seen this. Quite a piece of history.


Level 5

Not my area of knowledge, but if I run across something in the future I will pass it along. Good luck!


Level 6

I would look in the ANA library. Nice coins. Thanks!!

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