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11 Mar 2018

Manufacturing Triad of the Bureau of the Mint: Version 2.0

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The attached model graphic should help in providing a 30,000 feet view of my on-going research:

1. Creation and organization of the four new series based on multiple executed procurements  between U.S. Government agencies  and the Bureau of the Mint/U.S. Mint.

2. Validation of the "Manufacturing Triad of the Bureau of the Mint" model based on creating and organizing  four new series.

3. Research findings are being added to  a chapter in my POTUS sGm book (yet another delay).

Did you know that the Department of the Interior procured 2 types of gold medals?

Draft classification and organization of the Department of the Interior medals is shown in the image with the sGm.



Level 6

Interesting research. More, please.


Level 6

I must be off. I just don't see the problem here. As long as the mint is getting paid, I'm good with it! Thanks though!!


Level 5

The problem is not with the US Mint. The issue is the lack of guidebooks and catalogs on the sGm series. Another issue is that the designer(s) is/are not being credited with their work in the sGm series. Yet another issue is the lack of public records relating to general and special numismatic information relating to the sGms. As a result, so far I have documented 4 sGm series, cataloged them, and explained why they are not well documented for over 7 decades. Most collectors would be ecstatic in discovering a single coin error. I'm ecstatic beyond belief to have "discovered, organized, and formed" 4 U.S. Mint series. Must be a record of some sort....


Level 6

Interesting??? Thanks for the blog.


Level 6

Interesting. Enjoy your in depth blogs.


Level 4

Interesting to know, thanks for the article.


Level 7

Another agency of the government having medals made. If they paid for them I'm happy. Or maybe they can go to a private mint and we would never know what's going on.. I really don't have a problem with this. It's n o t for use for circulation so then can make medals for any government agency that requires one. There not minting millions of these. They put in a request it's okay they make it. That's fine.

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