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30 May 2018

NGC Grades/Encapsulates Part of My Research Collection of POTUS sGms

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Recently graded/encapsulated POTUS sGm by NGC. Soon to be future "plate medal" in my upcoming book (third).

Fortunate to have NGC place my name (Darryl Gomez Collection) on the label at no cost to start the pedigree of the medals in my research collection. 

NGC was made aware of: my two books related to these medals,  ANA CoinTalk session, ANA exhibit award, regional exhibit awards,  lectures, discussion, my website, etc... (e.g. foremost expert on POTUS sGm series that discovered, organized, and named this US Mint medal series).

First Newport (Eisenhower Summer White House) POTUS sGm graded by NGC... One had to earn the appreciation of President Eisenhower to be awarded/gifted the medal. 

An actual Presidential medal (not a challenge coin nor a commemorative coin) that is now a historical Presidential artifact!


Great accomplishment. Why don't you be more active other than creating blogs?

Congrats on have your name placed on the holder, your hard work paid off.


Level 6

I saw one of these on eBay, but it was an older auction and the medal had been sold. I don't understand why you blacked out the NGC number so we could look at this and check it out.


Level 6

I find it interesting of they medals that have been produced at the mint.


Level 6

Wow!! Your a busy guy. How did you acquire this medal, if I may ask??


Level 7

Him when in see a coin I like to check the grader but you blocked the cert number any reason why. I'm a history nut that would of helped. For instance I spoke to the person who owns the finest Morgan Dollar known. I was blessed to get the history from the one owner and NGC. Thievery would of helped but you don't follow me and I don't follow you. If we did you could of sent it to me in a message. Thanks.


Level 7

Excuse the spelling the check is not working. Sorry .Mike.


Level 6

Very nice, well done!

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