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13 Nov 2014

POTUS Appreciation Medal : Eisenhower South America 1960

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President Eisenhower's visit of South America included the countries ofBrazil, Argentina,Chile, andUruguay.Hepresented hisSouth America1960 appreciation medalto individuals during this four country visit.

Based on the book,The Dwight D. Eisenhower Appreciation Medals,1,750 medals were struck (1,200 original order with 550 second order).

The image of the South America medal is in my personal collection.

The images of the Voucher For Transfer provides evidence that the US Mint in Philadelphia struck the Eisenhower South America 1960 medal (payment request for the first striking of 1,200 medals).

Movie footage relating to President Eisenhower's South America visit can be seen at:



Level 5

Incredible part of history. Thanks for keeping the history alive.


Level 4

Thanks for sharing these information!


Level 5

Another very informative post.

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