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26 Jul 2022

Provenance and Pedigree

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Most collectors, numismatists and dealers interchange the terms provenance and pedigree. This should stop. POTUS Numismatic Artifacts treat these two terms with a precise difference when it comes to "Evidential Proof".

Pedigree is used to state a specimen's distinction or quality.

Provenance is used to state the specimen's manufacturer AND full record of ownership.

See the images with the title Provenance and Pedigree.

Why the need to distinguish between the terms?

See the images referencing the President John F. Kennedy special Government medal (sGm).

It should also be known that "Active Provenance" is a term that the full-chain of unbroken ownership is active, that is, the new buyer of this medal is added to the ownership chain.

Note the pedigree usage: Gifted by President Kennedy during his 1963 trip to Ireland (medal in a box with the presidential seal). Has a sGm origin (made specifically for President Kennedy's use (by the US Mint) and not sold to the public.

Mintage is 300 for this President John F. Kennedy appreciation medal.

Not just a medal manufactured by the US Mint, but a POTUS Numismatic Artifact with a historic connection to US history!


AC coin$

Level 6

Interesting . Thanks for this .


Level 6

Interesting... I have some coins owned by Col. Green and Newman. It's on the slabbed label along with CAC stickers. I would have thought that this was their "Pedigree"??? ; )

I. R. Bama

Level 5

I have an 1858/7 Flying Eagle Cent. I bought it from Col Steve Ellsworth. So does that bit of Provenence add to the value of the coin?


Level 4

Defining of key terms is as important in numismatics as it is anything else. Being able to establish pedigree is very often used to adjust coin values, and as Longstrider said, it depends on the collectors and what specific things (qualities) they are looking for. As with provenance, you see it all the time. Said item blogged to “insert name here,” and certain collectors or fans of that person, want it, and will pay a premium for it.


Level 6

Thanks for this. I feel there are several numismatic words that could use a good description. I have to disagree with Mike on this. He may not care about provenance but many collectors do. I have a couple of coins once owned by Newman and Col. Green. They are so stated on the label and do indeed carry a premium to some folks. Like everything we collect it's value is what two people bidding on it say. People pay more for a TPG slab that says Early Release, First Release, someone's signature and countless other options. Thanks.


Level 7

I just like collecting coins. How many owners it had before I received it I really don't care. When I buy one from the mint I know I'm the first owner. That doesn't mean anything towards value. .It doesn't matter to me. If Mr. Newman owned a coin it doesn't mean others sold it. I like the coin.

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