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14 May 2020

Secretary of Commerce special Government medal

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New research finding on the Department of Commerce special Government medals (sGms). As previously reported in my paper (exhibited at the 2018 ANA World's Fair of Money), there are four sGm types employed for use by the Department of Commerce. Frank Gasparro's incuse initials "F.G." on the obverse is located in a similar location as on the reverse of the Kennedy half-dollar design (between the eagle's tail feathers and right talon).
It was discovered that an issued Secretary of Commerce Medal was awarded to The German Federal Minster of Finance, Dr. Alex Möller in 1970. One of the images shows how the engraving is to be performed.



Level 6

Really nice! Thanks for sharing these ; )


Level 7

Very nice

It's Mokie

Level 6

I have the Navy's Meritorious Civilian Service Award, but it is only uniface and hangs from a ribbon. These medals make me jealous.


Level 6

Another nice one. Way to go Doc...


Level 5

Nice medals. Eagle looks great. Getting more into medals with each post. Have purchased a few so called dollars recently.

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