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01 Oct 2021

Special Medals for US Government Agencies

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More of my old numismatic research notes. What are Special Medals for United States Government Agencies?

Well, the United States Mint has been producing these "special government medals" since the late 1940s.

From the attached images you can see a manufacturing pattern in the Annual Reports of the Director of the Mint from 1957 through 1962. (I selected these years since I was researching the Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy Appreciation Medals.)

This manufacturing pattern was the basis in creating the "manufacturing triad of the US Mint". In implementing a research process called "cluster analysis" on the end products of the US Mint manufacturing functions, three cluster groups have formed.

The primary issue in documenting the "Special Medals for United States Government Agencies" is that no enacted US federal law exists on a medal by medal nor coin by coin basis for these medals. The first two US Mint manufacturing functions requires an enacted US federal law on a medal by medal and coin by coin basis, thus authorizing the US Mint to manufacture.

This leads to an understanding that if no US federal law exists for a US Mint manufacturing product and its a medal with a design element representing a US Government agency, then it's falls under the category as a"Special Medals for United States Government Agencies".

This understanding when applied to the Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy Appreciation medals means that they are "Special Medals for United States Government Agencies", where The White House is the US Government Agency that procured these medals for use by these Presidents when they actively held the position as President of the United States of America.

Can you name the other US Government Agencies with procured medals from the US Mint? There is a knowledge gap for collectors in this area of numismatics. I see this as a ripe area for additional numismatic research.


AC Coin$🌎

Level 6

I believe that the federal agencies are subject to ongoing Requirements regarding needs of events. Brilliant blog .


Level 6

Interesting, but not my cup of tea... ; )


Level 5

Very interesting topic. Medals from the mint I usually don't want.


Level 5

Looks like the picture uploaded problem might be over??


Level 6

I don't know how DrDarryl posted these photos...I don't think they fixed the problem yet...???

Long Beard

Level 5

Perhaps the most popular are those of the American Bicentennial issued from 1972 to 1976 by the American Revolution Bicentennial Commission created in 1966. The medals struck at the mint in Philadelphia consist of bronze, pewter, silver and 40% gold. There's a ton of information on this one of many areas within which I'm researching myself. So I could only imagine what it's like for you on the whole. Great blog article!


Level 7

Hi! I think i got it. Your saying that the U.S.Mint is making medals for people in government and there is no law showing this. Well the Treasury Department runs the mints. If a The President ask for a medal to be made he must have a reason. . He is the head of the goverment. If I'm close to what your saying I don't have a problem with that. The President is showing thanks for something some did. I don't know is this what your implying? If not I missed it again. I am trying very hard to understand as a collector.

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