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30 Dec 2016

1918 Mid-Pacific Carnival Gold Medal from Honolulu, Hawaii

Exonumia | DrDarryl

While searching for information relating to the Honolulu (Aloha) Carnival Dollar (so-called dollar HK-721, aka Hawaii medal 2M-329) (possible future blog entry), I came upon an interesting 1918 Mid-Pacific Carnival gold medal:

18 Jan 2015

New World Find - 1991 Princess Kaiulani Gold Akahi Crown with First Day Issue Counterstamp

| DrDarryl

It's great to locate a previously unknown variety. In the image, the lower silver coin is X# MB70 (a X# MB55 with Queen Liliuokalani//First Day of Issue counterstamp).In the image, the upper gold coin is X# MB60. However, it has the Queen Liliuokalani//First Day of Issue counterstamp. This is a newly identified variety and hopefully will get its own catalog number (in the next update to Unusual World Coins by Krause Publication).By the way, X# MB60 has a mintage of 55. The counterstamp version has to be 10 or less...

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