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13 Aug 2015

Wikipedia Updates - Presidential Medal of Appreciation Award Medals

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As an active writer, I occasionally place a few items on Wikipedia.

I updated a few entries based on my new book (images were previously inserted by me).

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Search for reference [232]. Image was added last year (2014). Image is of DDE-C2-07 (Class 2 Hawaii)


Kennedy half dollar

Search for term "appreciation medal". Image was added last year (2014). Image is of JFK-C5-02 (Class 5 Kennedy)


Non-Disclosure Example

TheJFK-C5-02 vsKennedy half dollar eagle's tailImage is supporting evidence of what I call a "non-disclosure policy" by the Bureau of the Mint (now called the United States Mint). Discussed in my book (one of the reasons thePresidential Medal of Appreciation Award Medals are not documented publicly for over 57 years by the United States Mint).

It has been documented and stated that the Kennedy half dollar used the reverse of theBureau of the Mint Presidential series stock medal #135 (known as the John F. Kennedy Presidential inauguration medal) to develop the reverse of the Kennedy half dollar.

However, notice the placement of Frank Gasparro initials "FG" on JFK-C5-02 and the Kennedy half dollar. "FG" issimilarly placed under the eagle's right leg. From this it can be said that Mr. Gasparro gained moreexperience from his work on the Presidential seal of JFK-C5-02 (larger and more intricate detail) and less experience from working onstock medal #135 (small and less detail). Stock medal #135 pre-dates JFK-C5-02.

Lastly, notice the similarity of the torches withstock medal #135 (reverse) and the Class 2 medal (obverse).Frank Gasparro reused the dual torch concept from Class 2 medals to stock medal #135. (class 2 medals predates stock medal #135).

The Presidential Medal of Appreciation Award Medals are somewhat of a missing link for some of theUnited States Mint's coins and medals...



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Thanks for your blog here but you don't have to post on that site they will just take it. Happened to me three times plus others.


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Thanks Doc.. I'll be checking those out!


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Great blog and photos! Thanks for sharing!


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Thanks for the history lesson. Great observations!


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Great photos!

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