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06 Mar 2015

Buffalo nickels

Coins | user_1664

Is it better to buy buffalo 's raw or slabbed?



Level 5

it depends upon your goals. Slabbed if going after high grade. Unslabbed if going to fill albums.


Level 5

raw mmoslty but for some high grade examples if you want them get slabbed ones


Level 5

rare- slab inexpensive-raw


Level 5

Depends on the grade. If it is a dateless 1913 Type 1, No. If it is a 1937-D 3-Legged, then certainly YES!


Level 3

But it seems to be getting harder to find nice examples raw, doesn't it? At the same time the grading companies seem to be a loose with thier grading from time to time.


Level 4

There better at raw, because I got two hundred raw.

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