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15 Mar 2018

Raleigh Coin Show

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There was a coin and stamp show was held this past weekend and was well attended. Approximately 45 deal, representing US, foreign, ancient, paper money, stamps, and research material to assist in building ones library. Next show will be June 8th, 9th, and 10th. This will be the largest show in North Carolina this year. To be held at the Raleigh Fair grounds. If you are going to be in NC or in a near by state, come on in and check it out. There will be free seminars, approximately 100 dealers, deal, representing US, foreign, ancient, paper money, stamps, and research material. A young numismatist area, and tables set up by a few specialty clubs. If you are a dealer, please feel free to contact the club to reserve a table. The show is sponsored by the Raleigh Coin Club (RCC) the URL is raleighcoinclub.org if you are interested in more information.



Level 6

Sounds like it was a great time! It's been awhile since I've been able to go to a show. For me maybe in May there's one in Las Vegas, NV. About 4 hours away... : )


Level 5

Love a good show. I doubt that I can make it to Raleigh this June but will keep it in mind.


Level 6

That's a good size show, seminars too. Wish I could go!


Level 7

Well another show and it sounds like another good time. I would love to join you but that's not possible. Did you catch any of the seminars? I bet some were real good. It's also very beautiful there. I have been there. Thanks for telling us about it. Maybe someday. Mike.

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