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03 Sep 2022


| Eriknation

Everyone pumped for the YN auction? So pumped! The items are awesome this year! I hope to bring a cool foreign coin and some U.S. coins. Might go for the gold coin but last year it sold for 1500 and I don’t think I can get the gold. The gold coin might be for next year. The auction is Sep. 10th 10AM MDT. Thank you so much to everyone that brought us young numismatists these awesome items this year.


I am a young numismatist, how do you get to the auction I am not sure how


Level 6

Your welcome for the donations. Good luck all.


Level 6

Hope you have fun and win lots of cool coins! ; )


Level 7

Don't forget those who donated money and coins. We have to take care of you guys. Lots of luck to all. And I hope you all get what you want!!


Level 4

Yeh thanks to all the donors.

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