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27 Feb 2021

How I started my coin collecting hobby. (I’m sorry for clogging the blog page)

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This is the story of how I started coin collecting. When I was almost 7 I got a coin book from my friend. It was a national park quarter set. I started filling it in one by one before long I already had the present years. I decided to take a break from collecting and I found a new interest in collecting shells and Pokémon cards. Then one day I saw this video on YouTube talking about finding a coin worth $100 dollars. It was the 1909 s V.D.B. After a week I started to search my dad's old collection and searched up the values. That was until I found out that the websites I were on had fake information. So I asked my mom if I could have a coin book. And I decided to buy the red book. Once I got it I started reading it a lot. Then I started coin roll hunting. I tried hunting all coins but my favorite coin to hunt is cents. The first wheat Penny I found was in my mom’s wallet was a 1940 p. And I hunted 20 rolls in my whole life so far and I have 6 Wheat’s so far. And I also found lots of centennials. After that I couldn’t hunt because my mom said I could only go once a month. So I decided to find loose change around the house. Then one day I discovered the Young Numismatists club. So I joined. And on the first day I completed the dollar project. By the way I signed up on feb. 26 2021. And I wanted to share my finds right away. When Mike a Coin collector told me that instead of writing five posts a day I should write long posts. So I’m very sorry for clogging up the blog page. Please accept my apology. So far I’m having lots of fun doing activities and talking to other yn’s. So this is basically the story of how I started my coin collecting hobby.



Level 5

Nice blog!


Level 6

Nice story. Thanks for sharing! ; )


Level 5

Mike really likes helping new members understand how to have best advantage of this site.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Feel free to write as many as you want as long as they are of quality and interest. I can see good improvement in your blogs since you started here. I can see you are someone who likes to learn!


Level 5

Welcome to the blogs ! Looking forward to hearing more about you coins and coin ventures.


Level 4



Level 5

Never feel like you can't post, just remember to make the posts say something about you, what you like in coins, what you want or have found, or purchased. Stories about people, their collection, how they got them, we all love those. Keep excited! I've been collecting coins for over 50 years and my wife and I went to a coin shop today and I purchased three items, I am as excited about them as I was my first coin. Keep and share your love and excitement for this hobby, we will always support you, we all learn new things every day. Take care, later!


Level 4

Ok thanks.


Level 7

I said instead of writing five a day write a good blog on your coins I said you will have a great set somday. And certain things go in different places collections .we're you put your coins Forum were you ask a question or ask a friend . Tell us were you got the coin . Every coin tells a story. This one I like because your telling us about your self . People like that. If I started when you did I can't think of the collection I would have. And you will have a great one. Your in the right place. You have the red book. Your off to a good start.great blog I enjoyed it. Follow active people and they will help you. Welcome and enjoy!

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