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22 Sep 2021

The American silver Eagle

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Hi, this is Eric and today I will be talking about American Silver Eagles (ASE)

American Silver Eagles started being struck in 1986 and still are being struck today. The coin was designed by Adolphe A. Weinman, he designed the Liberty walking half dollar. That designed was reused. The reverse was designed by John by Mercanti. On the obverse is Lady Liberty walking in a beautiful background, on the reverse is an eagle with 13 stars on top of it. The ASE contains 99.93 percent silver and .007% copper. They are being minted from the mints Philadelphia, San Francisco and West Point. The U.S struck them because they wanted to compete with other world bullion coins. Such as the Canadian Maple Leaf, South African Krugerrand and other bullion coins from around the world. These silver giants were designed to be worth melt value. But, some silver eagles that had low mintages were worth more than just metal value. Let’s get into some ASE values. Silver eagles can be found as a proof or a regular one.

Most ASE’s are worth around melt value but ones with a low mintage are worth significantly more. For example the 1995 W ASE only had a mintage of around thirty thousand. According to PCGS the 1995 W ASE is worth 19,000 dollars in PF 70 condition! My two silver eagles are not worth that much though. The first silver eagle I had is a one from 2018 which is worth around thirty-five dollars. My second one which has a low mintage is a proof 2008 W worth around fifty-five dollars! I think mine only has a mintage of around 700,000! I got one for my birthday and another one from the American Numismatic Association by doing the dollar coin project.

There aren’t really any errors that I know of but there may be some errors not caught yet.

The U.S also made some anniversary sets and limited edition sets. Some of these anniversary coins were made to celebrate how many years these silver eagles have been minted. Right now I’m planning on getting another silver eagle because silver prices have dropped to 23 dollars. I’m not all that good at investing and stuff but I think it’s a good time to invest I’m not really sure. Hopefully YOU learned something new today. Thanks,


P.S please check out my YT channel there are some cool videos there ;). (Eric The Coin Kid)



Level 5

LOVE this coin, eric! Good to hear from you once again!


Level 6

The All American coin! Good blog! ; )


Level 6

I was going to talk about the errors in the ASE series but Haney beat me to it. Thanks.


Level 7

Thanks for the blog. America's favorite coin. Good info and reserch!! Thank you!.


Level 5

Very informative blog post. This should be the standard. Thanks so much for sharing.

Long Beard

Level 5

I need to buy one of these already. No excuse, really. It will be prior to the new reverse which I personally think looks strange paired with a classic designed obverse. Like wearing two different colored socks.


Level 4

As for errors I have seen some strike thru's and embeds, but the strangest has to be struck on 3M sanding disc. If you check out Sullivan Numismatics website he has a great archive of coins sold. Just search Silver Eagles and you will see them. As for the silver eagle themself I have never been fond of them due to the Turkey/Eagle reverse. The new reverse is an improvement and maybe this series will be around long enough to eventually see the original reverse used. Thanks for sharing


Level 5

Have a couple ASE myself. Need that 1995 W. Maybe next coin show can find one. Thanks

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