First time at my local coin shop.

14 Apr 2021

I got this deal for 56 dollars I don’t really care if it’s a good deal or not. I just enjoy the design of the coins. Also my first Liberty walking half dollars, and the second time I got to buy silver! Also I’m building my exhibit for the EAC project and since next week is national coin week I made my blog topic about dollars. Also created a ppt for it. (:



Level 5

Very nice pick ups from the local coin store. I am lucky to live in an area with local coin dealers, clubs, and shows.


Level 6

You have a local coin store? Lucky!! Nice pick ups.


Level 5

Nice pickups! What year is that proof set?


Level 5

Buying coins you enjoy is always a good thing.


Level 6

Great looking coins! I like the Walker too ; ) Good luck with your project!

Ooh! Nice!


Level 5

Those are some really nice looking coins! Good luck on the collection!


Level 5

VERY nice! I just got one of those BU sets from.... cant quite tell.... 63'?

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