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23 Mar 2018

$2.50 Gold Indian set

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I have just recently decided to start a set of $2.50 Gold Indians. It is a short run of 15 coins with only one expensive key date. I think it will be a fun and rewarding short term goal set. Well short term if you define it as a couple of years but definitely a lot less time than it will take to finish my Morgan Dollar set. I have posted pictures of my first coin for the set below.



Level 3

Very cool. What are the years for these?

1908-1929, only 15 coins total with some dates that coins where never minted during.


Level 6

What a great set to pursue! This is a beautiful coin in deed! Thanks for sharing it!

Glad you like it.


Level 5

Love the gold Indians. I have been looking to add one to my collection for awhile.

Definitely something you should do if you are thinking about it.


Level 6

Great coin. I really enjoy that set. I find the odd denomination interesting. My first coin I bought raw and sent in for grading was a $2.50 Indian.. Good luck!

What grade did yours come back in?


Level 7

A great coin and a wise choice. They are in great demand lots of luck with the set. Mike.

Thanks Mike.


Level 6

You picked a great coin series. Under-appreciated and genuinely scarce.

Plus affordable for the budget conscious collector.

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