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14 May 2017

2017 World's Fair of Money Draws Ever Near

World's Fair of Money | FortWorthCollector

The 2017 World's Fair of Money is inching ever closer to its week filled with spectacular and exciting numismatic activity's. While the days count down I am very busy making final preparations for this wonderful event.  I am currently putting the finishing touches on my itinerary and just need a list of the money talks to complete the task. I have also been meeting my savings goals to help pay for some large purchases and the trip itself. So far everything is going well the hotel room is booked, new luggage ready to be packed, some new clothes for looking good, vacation request approved for work, and a new camera for sharing the event.

For those of you that are interested the interactive floor map for the convention is starting to fill in with the dealers that will be attending. If you will be attending the convention as well now would be a good time to look for a hotel room as they seem to be filling up fast.



Level 5

Well done with the travel planning.


Level 6

Great planing. You have made me jealous. I've been to one and it was fantastic. Have fun and good luck with your want list!

Thanks, I hope to make some good progress on my Morgans at the show.


Level 6

It is nice to attend a major show, done it a couple of times. Have a great time!


Pliny The Elder

Level 5

Great pre-planning. Essential for a fun trip. I hope you have (I know you will) a great time. Looking forward to a few photos.

Thanks, I will make sure that I take plenty of pictures to share.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

thanks i will be there too

Great we will have to keep an eye out for each other.


Level 7

To bad I don't travel I can't. I would give my kingdom for a show. You have a great time and when you get back tell us all about it. Bring a list on what your looking for. A small pocket scale for the counterfeits. But most of all enjoy yourself..

Thanks, I plan on having a live blog post for every day that I am there. That is the Hope anyways.


Level 6

Wish I was going! Have a good trip. Are you going to the ANA Day too?

Thanks, I am going to try but I probably won't make it to the ANA Day. I am driving back to Texas that day and it will be a 12 hour trip.

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