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07 Oct 2018

Blog Comment Responses Getting Their Own Blog Post Do Or Don’t?

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I will start this blog out by asking a general question. If I reply to your comments do you get a notification of my replies?
I have been working on the assumption that replies to comments did not notify the original commenter. This was the reason that when I interduced my new blog series I planned to answer any questions or in the case of last week respond to comments the following week. My thought was instead of checking back to the same blog that you would have to find further down the list to see my answers or comments they would be in the fresher material. I have since last week received some good and bad feed back about this. In my mind I am trying to be respectful to everyone kind enough to leave a comment whether or not it was just a thanks for the blog or sharing a childhood memory. I did try to keep the thanks for the comments part of the blog to a minimum while still trying to not exclude anyone that had left a comment. If you all are getting a notification of my responses these response blogs will stop and I will just reply to the original comment. If the answer to that is you don’t get notified I will leave it up to the whole group about this issue. Vote yes or no to these blogs in the comments or if you would like to stay anonymous send me a private message. When the vote is tallied if the blog stays, out of respect for those that do not care for it I will have a cover photo with the word responses on it so that they can skip it.



Level 6

No notifications to a reply to comments,


Level 6

I agree with Longstrider... I never have got a notice of a comment on a comment.


Level 4

I’ve seen notifications, I believe. I just don’t think it’s consistent for some reason. I think it’d be great. I also think, although this sounds kinda Facebookish (which gives me the chills) that there should be a “like” function so people know your blogs being read, even if some have no inclination to comment. To the original post, without more robust software functions, I don’t know what the answer is. Thanks. Jim

No notifications, comments always help, keep blogging.


Level 6

I have never got a notice of a comment to my comment of your blogs. Just when someone Comments on my blog. It might show in the main activity page.


Level 7

No there are none but I always write to go back and read the other comments because we can learn from them. And we do. We should always read other comments. Mike.


Level 6

Yes, there are notifications

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