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03 Aug 2017

Day 3 of World's Fair of Money Vacation

World's Fair of Money | FortWorthCollector

On Wednesday I went to the Argo Mill & Tunnel tour and learned how the Gold was removed from the waste rock.



Level 5

Great photos. Thanks for sharing.

You are welcome.


Level 6

great shots. I've seen some stamp mills up here and they are impressive. Your last shot looks like some guys running a bunch of them hooked together. that must have been something to see and hear. Thanks!

I am sure it was. They said that if they started at 18 they would be deaf by 20.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

thanks for sharing

Glad you like it.


Level 5

Today's waste rock is tomorrow's mineral wealth.

That is true. They said though that the waste rock around the the mill was processed so well that there is only about .04 percent gold per ton.


Level 7

I would love a video. But I am just as thrilled with these great pictures. If I ever and I mean ever get out there I will know were to go because of you. It's on my bucket list. Mike. Thanks for everything.

Glad you like it, I would take some videos but I don't know how I would load them here.


Level 6

Great pics. Always nice to learn more abt gold!

This was a very informative tour and great to learn how low grade ore was turned into pure gold.

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