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23 Sep 2018

Items From The Vault #1

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This weeks item is a Tuvalu 2018 Looney Tunes Bugs Bunny 50¢ piece in an NGC holder. This is part of a 5 coin series that includes Daffy Duck , Tweety Bird, Sylvester, and the Tasmanian Devil. Each coin in the series will be 50¢ face value, have 1/2 an oz of silver, and are proof condition. They also all come in a beautifully illustrated box with a numbered certificate of authenticity. I would suggest this series for anyone who grow up watching the looney tunes.



Level 6

These are cool! I loved watching Saturday morning cartoons! I think I would still watch them if the "old original" ones were on. haha Nice lookin safe too!


Level 6

It is always nice to collector what you like, plus making an interesting topic.

Watching Saturday morning Looney Tunes on TV with a silver quarter in your pocket! Ah, those were the days....

Jonas's Coins

Level 5

Although I have never watched “The Looney Tunes”, Tuvalu is one of my favorite countries.


Level 6

I miss the Looney Tunes cartoons on Saturday. Thanks


Level 6

Well, that's different. Collect what you like.


Level 4

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Thanks for the post. Jim

I do not like colorized coins. It just takes away from some of the aesthetic beauty from the coin, but if you enjoy it, go for it.


Level 7

I'm sorry I forgot the Queen is always the obverse. It's in the slab wrong. Sorry about that but that's with every single coin the King or Queen is the obverse . In England or n.y. part of Britain that would be a great injustice.


Level 7

There nice coins and made well but at 65 my interest is in other coins. Enjoy them there very nice. Mike

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