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29 Sep 2018

Items From The Vault #1 (Answers)

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Last weeks blog didn't get any questions to answer so I decided to reply to the comments.

(Kepi) Thanks for the comments, I hope to do a blog about the safe soon as a part of my Numismatic Tools Of The Trade blog.
(SUN, CoinLady & JimmyD) Thanks for all the wonderful comments.
(Well Worn Copper) I didn't have a silver quarter (wish I had) but it was a good times to watch the looney Tunes on Saturday morning.
(Jonas's Coins) I don't know much about Tuvalu but from your comments I should visit there sometime.
(Long Strider) It is a Shame that Looney Tunes are not as popular with kids today.
(Big Nug Numismatics) I try to stay away from colorized coins unless they are the ones done by the mints. The after market companies usually do such a bad job and colorize coins that where never meant to be colorized.
(Mike) Is correct in stating that the queen is the obverse of the coin but I do agree with the grading company in placing the reverse facing forward in the slab. If you went to a show looking for the bugs bunny coin and the only thing you saw was the queen you would have a hard time finding them since all the coins that Australia makes have the queens image. 



Level 6

Interesting blog. Nice idea.

Thanks SUN


Level 6

Interesting idea about posting replies. Thanks!

You are welcome Longstrider


Level 6

Thanks FortWorthCollector. I appreciate your comment and again... Great looking safe. Looks just like mine... ; ) haha

I don’t what it is but safes have always fascinated me for some reason. Probably because they always hold some great treasure.

Jonas's Coins

Level 5

Thanks for the blog.

You are welcome Jona’s Coins.


Level 6

Thanks for this

You are welcome CoinLady


Level 7

This blog was just up. We shouldn't be reposting.

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