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07 Oct 2018

Items From The Vault #2

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This weeks item is an 1883 no cents Liberty head nickel in an NGC holder. It is graded MS-64 and is a very beautiful original mint luster coin. This coin also goes by that famous racketeer nickel name. If you have not heard the story about the racketeer nickel yet go and do a quick search on line it is definitely a good little read.



Level 5

That racketeer nickels is a story I still fondly remember my grandfather telling. I don't think he called them racketeer nickels though.


Level 6

Nice coin. Enjoy the "Vault" logs.


Level 6

It's a beauty! Thanks for sharing it with us!

I found one of these graded MS-68 in an old rattler from NGC fro thirty bucks, I passed o it for no good reason, hopefully it will be there again.


Level 6

Beautiful coin. Nice part of your collection. Thanks!

It's Mokie

Level 6

Beautiful, one of my favorite type coins. I wonder, I have never seen one, if anyone has had an original gold-plated version slabbed. I suppose it would be very difficult to prove the nickel was plated back in 83, but there might be a way if the provenance is solid.


Level 7

It's a great coin and st. First st I went after. Missing one 1885. Someday I will get it. Thanks for the picture the story I also great. Mike.


Level 6

This is a famous & historical coin with a great story. It's also not difficult to find lovely specimens.

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