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03 Nov 2018

Items From The Vault #3

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Today’s Item from the vault is a 1904 MS-63 Double Eagle. It is one of the most prized pieces in my collection. It was a birthday gift that I gave myself a few years ago and to this day is still one of my biggest gold pieces. I hope to add a Saint Gaudens Double Eagle to my collection sometime in the future.



Level 6

That's a gorgeous piece! The color, luster and detail's are amazing! Great birthday present... ; ) haha Good luck on finding that "must have" Saint Gaudens!

Jonas's Coins

Level 5

the double eagle looks great. Unfortunately, they are out of my price range.


Level 6

Enjoy your"The Vault" blogs.

That gold coin has brilliant luster and looks great for the grade. A great pickup, and I hope that St.Gaudens will fit with it soon.


Level 6

Personally, every body sit down, I prefer this coin to the St.. The St. usually looks like Jason form the Halloween movies. Just my opinion..Both are nice. Great coin..

It's Mokie

Level 6

Thank you for sharing, it is always fun to see inside other collections. Hope that St Gaudens comes your way soon.


Level 6

Beautiful $20, ideal type coin.


Level 7

You did your self right picking that up. The St. Gardens will go nice with it. Hope you find one. Mike

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