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15 Jul 2017

Morgan Dollars and My Definintion of a complete Date & Mint Set

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I was recently looking up what most people claim is a complete date & mint set of Morgan Dollars and exactly how many coins that was total. The answer of 97 puzzled me because even if I included the 1878 7 Tail Feathers & 1878 8 Tail Feathers that would only add up to 96 coins total.  Which is one short of the 97 coins total everyone is talking about. My only guess is that they are also counting the 1895 proof only issue which would put most of the coin collecting community out of reach of a complete set.  My interpretation is that a compete Morgan Dollar date & mint set is 95 coins total. One coin from each year & mint excluding 1895 Proof only and one of the 1878 Tail Feathers. Which I know the two Tail Feather varieties are very important issues for the series but lets be honest no one would knock you for only having one or the other if you had the rest of the set. In closing this just goes to show that you should not collect how other people tell you too but how you want too. I am building a Morgan Dollar set of 121 coins consisting of only one proof, each date & mint mark, and major varieties. If you get a chance go to my collections and check out my progress so far on my Morgan Dollar set.



Level 5

Well it looks like you still have some differing answers as to what makes it a complete set.


Level 6

I've been to your collections. Quite impressive. Good deal!!

Thanks Longstrider.

Hey - it's your set. You set the rules. Go for what you want.

That is a motto we should all live by.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

great work it will be a while until i start with the morgans

What are you working on now?


Level 7

I have a complete set of coins but one is way out of reach. There also in great condition. I consider my set a complete set. As a matter of fact they sell it as a complete set even though I am missing one coin. Most of the sets they sell are poor at best. Mine are AU and MS. I would consider your set a complete set at 96. And great work. The fun is in the hunt. Mike

That is always so true. You can never beat the hunt.


Level 6

A Morgan dollar set is quite an undertaking. My fav series. My set includes all tail feathers varieties. Of course, no 1895. A complete set is whatever you want it to be.

I have been at it for about 6 to 7 year and have 36 out of my dream goal of 121.

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