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23 Mar 2018

My National Money Show Trades

National Money Show | FortWorthCollector

As some of you may know I already had an 1882-S in an Ancas holder. I decided to clear all of my Ancas holders out except for the low end coins and Mint errors. I did this because I have seen how hard they are to try and get rid of in the future. Most dealers will sell you an Ancas holdered coin but won’t buy it back no matter how nice the coin is. So I had an opportunity at the National Money Show to trade My 1882-S in so I did and the pictures below show my new 1882-S in a PCGS holder. I think it is just as good a coin or even better than the old one.



Level 6

It's a beauty! I really don't have a problem with ANACS, although I agree with you and Mike too, as well as Longstrider. With the way everything comes full circle, ANACS might be the popular graders at some point. Who knows these things... : )

Maybe someday. I known my local reps for ANACS are very friendly and helpful but this doesn’t always equate to wide spread exceptance.


Level 6

Nice trade. Isn't that an old "Rattler" holder? I really don't have a problem with ANACS although I think you and Mike are correct, for now. We coin collectors are a fickle bunch. Someday ANACS will be the way to go.. They surely are used for VAMS and Varieties the other TPG don't do.. My opinion. I could be wrong!! Thanks!

It is an old Rattler holder. I loved the coin that I had but there reputation in the community is where NGC and PCGS are at.


Level 7

Excellent idea. I have tried to explain this to people they refuse to see the problem. If you look in the red book the top 100 auctions a hand full are anacs holders. I'm sorry to say there grading is strictly vams. And there grading my opinion is below par. That's what I think. I'm not saying don't use them but there are better out there. Thanks for the picture and a very smart move. Your collection is really growing. Keep it up. Mike. Remember my opinion only. No one else.

Thanks Mike, I think a lot of people use them because they are cheaper and don’t require a membership. One must always remember you get what you pay for. They are a good group of people but the company does have a good standing with the community as a whole.


Level 6

It's very good, excellent in fact! I once owned an 1882-S with purple toning. Loved that coin.

I bet that looked cool.

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